I Love Pregnant Women (And Why They Love Me!)

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Pregnancy is like training for a marathon and chiropractic care is an excellent tool to have in your training bag for your ultimate health and vitality. Few things brighten my day more than seeing an obviously pregnant woman waddle into my clinic for back care.

This is such a transitional period in a woman’s life when her center of gravity clearly alters radically. Often resulting in low back discomfort due to shifts in weight bearing that can be painful and disruptive to this special time in a woman’s life. Frequently this is the first time a woman seeks chiropractic care, often times they are referred by:

  • Other patients
  • Midwife
  • Obstetrician

It is my pleasure to reassure any expecting mother that I have the effective tools to assist in relieving her back pain and guide her towards a successful delivery. Not only does chiropractic care help ease back pain by realigning the spine and removing painful irritation to the nerves but it also prepares the pelvis for delivery by establishing it’s best position.

Pregnancy is definitely a time when it can be challenging to endure the repositioning of a traditional manual adjustment due to their current physique. That is what makes the Activator Method so ideal for this type of patient. To receive an Activator adjustment the patient lays face down, with an abdominal cushion providing a center hole for her belly bump. Since the Activator Technique only requires the patient to lay face down and not be repositioned frequently throughout the procedure, most patients find this be a comfortable arrangement.

It is my absolute joy to assist any mother during pregnancy, so she can feel her radiant best during this wonderful time of her life. Studies have shown that in addition to relieving low back pain and preparing for delivery Chiropractic care is very effective for reestablishing proper body alignment as the post pregnancy body is returning to stabilization.

If you are pregnant and experiencing low back pain (or know someone who is) call us today at (479) 636-3021 and experience relief with an Activator adjustment.

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