Traditional Manual Manipulation VS Activator Method Adjustment

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As a Chiropractor in Rogers, Arkansas I am often asked what the differences are between the traditional bone popping style of chiropractic treatment (which I will refer to as Manual Manipulation) and my method of choice which is called the Activator Method. My first thought is to say that the end result is the same while the methodology or style is different. Although both methods utilize the doctor’s hands for treatment of “bone out of place” there are some significant differences in delivery.

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The ultimate goal of a chiropractic adjustment is the restoration of nerve flow so the body can resume it’s optimal performance. It is the removal of nerve interference by repositioning bones which we refer to as a chiropractic adjustment. Most of us are familiar with the manual adjustment that produces a popping sound as the bones are realigned.

In contrast the Activator Method utilizes a hand held instrument that delivers a precise adjustment with only a light clicking sound from the instrument. Another significant difference between these two styles of treatment is the body position of the patient. In the manual manipulation the patient is repositioned frequently while the Activator Method allows the patient to remain face down and the instrument does the repositioning to change the line of drive of the adjustment. Some patients find the latter method to be preferable due to differing physical restrictions.

I was raised on manual manipulation as a child, when my family would go to our family Chiropractor for monthly preventive care. Since this was our family way I had no reason to doubt the efficacy or fear it’s methodology. However, I would often have a residual headache after a neck adjustment that would leave me uncomfortable for a day or so. As I explored these concerns with our chiropractor we were able to come up with some alternative methods for my spinal alignments and I realized that we each have unique needs and need to be evaluated individually.

I do not believe that one size fits all or that we each benefit equally from the same type of chiropractic care. I made it my goal in my Chiropractic Career to research the most popular, effective, and safest methods of chiropractic care available. So while the destination is the same for all chiropractic methods the journey is as unique as the individual.

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