Why Choose Chiropractic Care in Rogers, Arkansas?

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Most patients present to my clinic, Hines Health Chiropractic in Rogers, Arkansas because they’re in PAIN OR LIMITATION and it is getting progressively worse or no better. Typically this is interrupting body movements, work habits, leisure activities, or sleeping patterns. No one likes to be in pain, but the question often remains – How do I get out of pain as quickly as possible?

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Some common home remedies utilized are:

  • Rest and repair
  • Applications of ice or heat
  • Stretching or exercise
  • Visiting a medical doctor
  • Application of muscle ointment
  • Ace bandage or other support
  • Pain medications, anti inflammatory, muscle relaxant

All of these offer some relief in varying degrees and often times relieve the symptoms effectively or long enough for the body to repair itself. However, sometimes these methods are merely a temporary cover up to the real cause lurking beneath your symptoms. Which Chiropractor’s refer to as a subluxation or bone out of place irritating your nervous system?

So what can chiropractic do for me, you might ask in your hour of desperation? The tools of the trade are my hands which I use to realign your spine and help your body remove the unrelenting pressure or irritation upon your nervous system. The pain you feel is actually your body’s natural warning response to inappropriate nerve pressure.

Most people are familiar with the “bone popping style” of a chiropractic adjustment, known as manual manipulation, which does a great job of realigning the spinal column. However my technique of choice is called the Activator Method which utilizes a hand held instrument that delivers a precise thrust to a specific location to achieve relief of your nerve irritation.

A benefit of this gentle yet effective approach to a chiropractic alignment is it’s high degree of specificity without the discomfort of the more traditional style of chiropractic adjustment. And if it’s safety record were not enough to entice you into trying this technique then the longevity of it’s holding pattern should impress you.

I would say that this technique is safe enough for a new born baby or a 105 year old lady, both of which I have seen in my practice, with successful results. Hines Health Chiropractic clinic is staffed with Activator Chiropractors and we welcome you in to give this technique a try for your spinal health needs.

Call us today at (479) 636-3021 to schedule your visit and experience the relief you deserve.

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