Should You Seek Chiropractic Care After Being Involved in a Car Accident?

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I would say absolutely “Yes”! Although you may not be fully aware of how much trauma has been absorbed into your body by the accident initially. It is preferable to be examined and have an appropriate course of treatment determined as soon as possible to facilitate optimal recovery. I often refer to the visual of the “crash dummy” in the auto commercials revealing how much a relatively minor impact affects the human body in a millisecond, almost faster than your brain can comprehend what happened.

Research has shown that pain patterns from tissue inflammation and trauma often do not surface for several days or even weeks following the accident. And below the muscle groups the bone position may be radically altered and these pain patterns and adaptations may not reveal themselves for several weeks to months. A spinal vertebra that is out of place may:

Rogers AR Chiropractic Car Accident

  • place pressure on the surrounding nerves and tissues
  • alter normal function and patterns
  • affect body movements
  • create muscle spasms and pain patterns

Although sore muscles, bruised, and swollen tissues may not seem like much of a long term problem, it’s important to realize that at the cellular level these symptoms are caused from:

  • tears in muscle tissue
  • ruptures in blood vessels
  • strains along the ligaments and tendons.

The body’s amazing ability to repair itself may take weeks to months and that is if the healing field is optimal. By optimal, I mean a body that is able to rest, hydrate, and recuperate and is not distracted with other disease processes or stress, that might take precedent over healing tissues.

Eventually these damaged tissues will heal themselves with scar tissue but your body will have had to make adaptations or modifications in your movements and body posturing. In this process of “healing” your body may actually reinforce or create a “bone out of place” situation. Unfortunately the effects of these misaligned vertebrae may not be known to the patients for months after the accident creating these common symptoms:

  • chronic headaches
  • limits in neck range of motion
  • difficulty sleeping
  • tingling down the arms or fingertips
  • chronic pain

Your chiropractic care would include spinal adjustments and probably some supportive tissue care designed to speed the healing process. Although medication is a good adjunct during the healing process it often masks the symptoms without getting to the cause of the problem.

You might say that you do not wish to trouble the insurance company with coverage of your care but this is what your policy is designed to cover. If the accident was not your fault, then your insurance company will be able to recuperate the funds from the guilty party or their insurance. If the accident is your fault, your automobile insurance will have coverage for that.

So if you have been in an auto accident and realize you have been injured, I would recommend seeking chiropractic care as soon as possible. Immediate treatment could speed your recovery time and assist in restoring your optimal spinal alignment.

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