Chiropractic Care in Rogers Arkansas with Cold Laser Therapy

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Here at Hines Health Chiropractic Clinic in Rogers, Arkansas my husband and I attend several chiropractic care seminars to stay current on the latest technique in safe, comfortable chiropractic care.

At our most recent seminar my husband had purchased yet another new gadget that I feared would end up in the chiropractic gadget bone yard. It was a hand held laser that proclaims to speed up the healing process….

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So I reviewed its merits in the brochure:

  • Reduction in tissue swelling by suppressing inflammatory enzymes
  • Reduction in pain by production of endorphins
  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage which speeds healing
  • Release tight muscles improving mobility
  • Faster bone repair by stimulating ballistic activity

I didn’t really give it much thought until I saw the results of this laser in our practice. Several of the patients had presented with unrelenting pain patterns that did not seem to be responding completely with their chiropractic adjustments. We provided a package of 10 laser treatments to these patients if they wished to utilize this new therapy service at our clinic.

Our first patient to use the laser was a runner who had trained diligently for his first marathon and developed a medial knee irritation that was preventing him from training.

The next patient was an elderly female patient with osteoarthritis in the knees that was causing tissue swelling so pronounced that walking was a problem.

Then a young soccer player had a severe sprained ankle in the middle of the season and was currently using crutches.

The last patient to use the laser therapy that week was a computer analyst with carpal tunnel who had been to a M.D. and was prescribed pain relievers, muscles relaxers, and an anti inflammatory.

Although each of the above patients had vastly differing physical complaints, they all had one thing in common – none of them elected to finish their series of treatments. I questioned the patient’s as to why they had elected to discontinue and the response was that since they had no more pain or swelling and asked if they could reserve their remaining sessions for a later date.

And so after seeing first-hand the results from cold laser therapy I am now happy my husband purchased this gadget at the seminar.

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